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LCD Transparent Aquarium Thermometer

Features: This product contains a battery, the life is about 1 year, the battery can be replaced.
Please stick it on the outside of the fish tank glass to measure the temperature, do not put it in the water.
Installation guide: Pull out the package, tear off the white sticker, and stick it under the surface of the outer wall of the fish tank.
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R 89.90


1. Transparent crystal glass shell shape, stylish and elegant 3D perspective effect.

2. High sensitivity electronic sensor with precise chip, accuracy up to 0.1.

3. Small in size and light in weight.

4. There is a strong label on the back. You just need to tear it off and paste it on the outside of the tank.

5. Excellent tools for human thermometers, aquarium thermometers, indoor and outdoor thermometers.

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