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UVB reptile light is a specialized lighting system designed to provide the necessary amount of ultraviolet B radiation required by reptiles to maintain good health.
Reptiles require UVB radiation from the sun to synthesize vitamin D3, which in turn helps them absorb calcium for strong bones and proper growth. In captivity, it is essential to maintain the same level of UVB radiation for reptile species to remain healthy.
UVB reptile light is typically a fluorescent tube or a compact bulb that emits a UVB wavelength to that of natural sunlight.
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  • This led terrarium light hood coming with white bulb, red bulb, blue bulb and UVB bulb is not only add decoration for reptile aquatic tanks, also provide UVB rays for reptile amphibian pets living. Can be used as led aquarium light or reptile uvb light.
  • 【DIMMABLE LIGHT COMBO】The brightness of the LED light bulbs can be adjusted as your need by the touch panel. 6 kinds of light flashing combinations switched at will.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY LED BEAMS】Full LED optical lens with uniform light distribution and good visual effect is great for day and night use. High quality UVB light beads promotes the absorption of calcium for reptiles. The LED light bulbs can be used over 20,000 hours.
  • 【MODULARIZED LED BULB SETS】The LED aquarium light hood is composed with 3 plug-in modular LED light sets, which are detachable for easy replacement and maintenance.
  • 【WIDELY APPLICABLE】The length of the LED light hood with extended brackets is adjustable from 16.5 IN to 24 IN, can be fixed on different sizes of tanks with mesh cover or aquariums.