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Leopard Gecko Kit Oak 900

Leopard gecko complete kit is also suitable for African Fat Tail geckos and other similar species.
Plug & Play kit contains all the basics needed to house your gecko properly.
Just add your gecko to complete the setup.
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This gecko kit contains the following:

  • 1 x Oak Terrarium 900
  • 1 x UVB 2.0 Flourescent Lamp 18W
  • 1 x Electronic Ballast 20W
  • 1 x Calcium Powder 100g
  • 3 x Reptile Sand 1Kg
  • 1 x Small Log Water Bowl
  • 1 x Worm Bowl
  • 1 x Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • 1 x Infra Red Light
  • 1 x Ceramic Lamp Holder
  • 1 x Cable Conector
  • 1 x Log Hide LRG
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