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Luminous Stones – Mixed Colour Glow Rocks

Ideal for Goldfish Bowls, Nano tanks and mix in with other gravel.
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  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Bundle quantity of 150 pcs suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration such as fish tanks, aquariums, vases, gardens, lawns, courtyards, flower beds, walkways, etc., Decorate them to your taste
  • 【MULTI-COLORED】- Colorful fluorescence will made your fish tanks or gardens in a vigorous vibe. Show your unique taste to you guests.
  • 【LIGHTING TIME】- Absorbing 20-30 minutes of natural light during the daytime, it will glow automatically at night. The initial high brightness can reach 2-3 hours, and the afterglow duration can reach 8-10 hours.
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY】- Made of high-quality resin, non-toxic and tasteless. By absorbing all kinds of natural light or artificial light, it realizes the self-luminous function in the dark state, and can be recycled infinitely.
  • 【USAGE NOTE】- PROHIBIT CHILDREN FROM PUTTING THEM IN MOUTH! Prohibit children from putting them in mouth! It is recommended to use luminous stones together to achieve better luminous effect.