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Magnetic Acrylic Reptile Box

Available in 4 sizes
NK03 >> 20x15x10cm
NK-04 >> 7.5x7.5x15cm
NK05 >> 15x15x24cm
NK09 >> 30x20x15cm
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د.إ.‏ 41.92
  • The reptile feeder box is made of high quality acrylic material, sturdy and durable.
  • Sliding design and magnetic closure for easy feeding and escape.
  • 360 degree Full View Visually completely transparent, clear and bright, easy to observe and clean.
  • 1.5mm ventilations holes on top and side keeps fresh air flow into the habitat, which are good for your lovely pet growth.
  • suitable for tarantulas, crickets, snails, Mantis and other small bugs.
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