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Tetra Contraspot 100ml

TetraMedica ContraIck TetraMedica ContraIck is a highly effective drug against white spot disease, skin and gland parasites.
R 120,00

Tetra Fungi Stop 100ml

Tetra Medica FungiStop Tetra Medica FungiStop is highly effective against fungal attacks, external bacterial infections and wounds
R 95,00

Tetra General Tonic 100ml

TetraMedica GeneralTonic TetraMedica GeneralTonic is a broad-spectrum drug against the most common fish diseases.
R 95,00

Tetramedica Goldmed 100ml

Tetra Goldfish GoldMed Tetra Goldfish GoldMed is a general remedy that targets the most common fish diseases, such as white spot, skin and gill parasites, fin rot, fungal infections and also prevents secondary infections.
R 95,00

Seachem - Entice™

Scent and flavor enhancer for finicky eaters Works on all fish, but particularly with saltwater angels and butterflies Soak food or simply add to aquarium
R 188,00

Seachem - GarlicGuard™

Concentrated garlic supplement Enhances appetite Increases resistance to parasites Also contains Vitamin C, a strong anti-oxidant
R 97,00

Seachem - Vitality™

Vitamin and amino acid supplement Enhanced with Vitamin C for marine fish Helps prevent diseases due to deficiency like lateral line disease
R 199,00

Seachem - Cupramine™

Copper treatment for external parasites Active at low concentration (does not precipitate) Bound on amine so it is not as toxic to fish 100% Removable with carbon or Cuprisorb
R 153,00

Seachem - ParaGuard™

Eradicates ecto parasites and fungal, bacterial, and viral lesions Safer to dose than formaldehyde, formalin, and methanol Will not adversely effect bio-filter
R 170,00