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Montego Classic Adult - Steak

Montego - Classic Wet Adult Steak Montego Pet Nutrition Classic Wet food: flavoured with Juicy Steak in Delicious Rich Gravy for Adult Dogs. Classic Wet Food, Juicy Steak in Delicious Rich Gravy contains the correct nutrient levels, such as protein, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals (without preservatives and antioxidants) that dogs need in a healthy diet.
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Consisting of offal meats (such as liver, lung and kidneys) and fats derived from chicken skin, it serves as a source of protein that contains high levels of amino acids and essential fatty acids. Classic Wet Food can by fed to dogs itself as a complete meal, or mixed in with dry kibbles as represented in the feeding guideline (on pack). Wet Food is tastier than dry food and therefore can be used to entice dogs to consume dry kibbles as part of a daily meal.