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Monty & Me is a delicious, well-balanced food that’s got everything your little one needs to stay healthy and happy!
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Optimum protein and fat levels make Monty & Me taste great
and help keep your little one strong, healthy and in tip-top condition.


High-quality animal proteins with added
essential dietary Taurine, support healthy heart function and strong vision


Natural antioxidants, Vitamin E and C, are
essential for muscle and circulatory system health and helps prevent cell damage.


Essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and Taurine
provide your kitty with all the energy needed for playfulness, happiness and health.

Optimal feeding amounts vary with age, size, activity levels, breed and environment. The feeding guide below is a recommendation only, please adjust as needed.

Weight of Adult CatGrams per Day
2 - 3 kg 35 - 50 g
3 - 4 kg 50 - 60 g
4 - 8 kg 60 - 80 g

These amounts reflect total daily requirements. Divide by the number of times you feed your cat per day to calculate individual meal portions.

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