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Mopani Drift Wood per Kg

Sold by weight not by size.
A beautiful, two-color African hardwood for aquariums or terrariums.
One of the hardest and densest woods available;
sinks immediately in aquariums and unlike driftwood, will not rot! All natural wood leaches tannins, which discolor water and reduce pH levels.
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R 99.90

Due to the nature of this product, images shown is for visual references only and will not be the actual pieces sold.

We will select the weight closest to your prefered weight ordered and this may be slightly over to compensate any errors. By ordering this product you accept the variability and understand that we cannot take individaul photos and specific weights or look and feel of this product.

If your after a desired piece for a design or look we then strongly advise to come in store and select at your own discretion.

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Various size groups to select from,Due to the nature of the product, natural variation and size is expected. Images for illustration only and not the actual product you are buying.
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Recommended to purchase cooler box with ice to keep goods frozen for shipping.
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