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Mulit-Function Hose Holder 2pcs

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Flexible tubing in various sizes for use of airline tubing to water pumps.
Sold by the meter or full roll.
R 3.90

Triassic Reef Rock Dry per Kg

Naturally high inner surface - Platform for essential micro organisms
High Calcium content
Helps keep a stable pH level
No microbiological contamination
Perfect for Building Reefs
Natural Rock
No Destruction of Coral Reefs
Instant Reef Rock
R 98.90

Biochemical Sponge Filter

Before use, soak the Bio-foam in aquarium water for 5 mins.
During maintenance, always rinse the Bio-foam with drained out aquarium water only.
No tap water or hot water should be used at all.
When re-using the Bio-foam, do squeeze the foam in the water to remove all trapped air bubbles.
This will keep the filter stay submerged.
Suggest replacing the bio-foam every 6 months, to ensure the filtering effect as well as the growth of the nitrifying bacteria
R 29.90