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Neo Cosy Cage for Small Rodents (SOLD OUT)

The NEO Cozy cage for rodents offers the animal true freedom of movement thanks to its high height and up to 3 floors
Its fashionable design perfectly integrates with any interior style
The cage has 3 levels adjustable in height (depending on the desired slope) with 3 ladders
4 wooden legs attached to the litter box allow you to raise the cage , which makes it easier to keep clean and provides the animal with a better view of the surroundings
The cage can also stand without legs
The cage opens at the top and at the front
It has a large opening on the top for easy access for cleaning and one double opening on the front for safe removal of your pet
Equipped with a high litter box, which makes it easy to keep clean around the cage
The top of the cage is covered with durable lead-free epoxy paint, the litter box is made of polypropylene plastic
Delivery date: 3-5 working days

Cage dimensions:

external : 78 x 48 x 80cm
internal : 73 x 42 x 77cm
Bar spacing : 15 mm