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Neo Nigha Rodent Cage

The living space for your hamster or small rodent is an important choice that will condition its well-being and good health. It must provide space, comfort and safety.
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The Zolux NEO Nigha black bar cage for small rodents is not a cage like the others: with its four large solid wood legs, it brings a modern touch and fits even better into the home.Adapted for small rodents, the NEO Nigha cage can accommodate a hamster, mouse, gerbil or even rat.

The assembly is simple and fast and it includes all the essential accessories to accommodate your small animal.Well equipped, this cage includes:- a transparent plastic wheel- a transparent plastic bowl- A wooden house- one floor with wooden access rampThe floor fixing system ensures maximum stability.

The NEO Nigha black cage has a wide opening on the top which makes it easy to catch the animal.The four long legs in light wood give it a Scandinavian style that is both modern and practical, giving your pet a wide visibility of his environment.

Features of the NEO Nigha Zolux black bar cage:

- For small rodents (hamsters, gerbil mice, rats)

- Fully equipped- With 4 solid beech wood legs

- Bar spacing: 9mm.

- External dimensions (without feet): L77.5 x d47.5 x h36 cm- External dimensions (with feet): L77.5 x d47.5 x h64.5 cm

- Interior dimensions: L73 x d42 x h32 cm

- Made in Europe.

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