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Neo Silta Rodent Cage (SOLD OUT)

The Zolux NEO Silta Small Rodent Cage is available in Black, Beige and Grey. The cage bar spacing is 9mm for the Zolux Neo Silta Small Rodent Cage Grey
Dimensions: 780 x 480 x 580mm
Delivery date: 3-5 working days
R 1 549.90

The Zolux NEO Silta Small Rodent Cage makes a wonderful and safe place for your pet rodent or rabbit that will suit any home décor and look good in any room.

Designed in Scandanavia and made with a natural wood stand, the Zolux NEO Silta Small Rodent Cage offers your animal a great view of their environment as it is raised off the ground, while at the same time allowing you easy maintenance and and access.

It also features a large top opening for easy access and cleaning as well as a double front opening to safely remove your animal.

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