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NICREW Chihiros Doctor 3 in 1

Maintain the function of inhibiting and suppressing Algae growth, promoting aquatic plant growth, protecting fish and shrimp
Constantly eliminating pathogenic bacteria and preventing birth learning diseases, etc..
Preventing and inhibiting diseases and algae formation at startup and over aquarium life
New Chihiros Doctor has integrated 3 applications including using aquatic plants, fish and shrimp keeping into only one Doctor device
Covering 90% of aquarium sizes on the market, thus reducing the cost of spending and providing great convenience to care for the aquarium
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1 inhibits green algae and promotes plant growth
Inhibits phytoplankton initial growth and reproduction.
Activate microelements to promote plant growth
Promotion of plant growth activates photosynthesis to stabilize the ecosystem.

2 Kill crustaceans pathogenic bacteria
Automatically kill pathogenic bacteria in water in the last hour directly and indirectly kill bacteria, which greatly improves the survival rate of juvenile mantis shrimp.

3 depends on the strong sterilization ability to effectively kill pathogens
Aeromonas hydrophila Aeromonas "Aeromons hydrophila", Herpes, fungi, coli forms and the 99.9% kill efficiency test results.

4 safe because co-exist with bacterial filter
As there is no residual toxicity, it is limited to aerobic bacteria.
Compared with UV sterilizer, chihiros DOCTOR does not work stably so regeneration and recovery of bacterial filter is quick.

5 ALC program is intelligent management algorithm
Aquarium aquarium environment changes according to initial, middle, final stage, sterilization intensity and Operation cycle intelligently designed to change over time series movie.

As ALC Program can simply select a mode according to an aquarium capacity, it is very easy to use.


-Designed to not work all the time, only work about 30 seconds every 15-20 minutes.
-For use in fresh water only. DO NOT use in water with TDS above 500.
-Grid can keep used for a long time without being clean, but we suggest exchanging new net every 6 months.


How Chihiros Doctor works?
It is designed not to work all the time, it works bubbles out about every 30 seconds

Does it hurt the Fish?
Does not affect fish, shrimp and shrimp with flowers

Can it be used in sea water?
For fresh water use only

How often do I need to clean the mesh?
New 3rd generation mesh can keep using for long time without clean, but we suggest to exchange new mesh every 6 months

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