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NOMO resin Skull Head

Small 4 x 6 x 5cm
Medium 6 x 9 x 7cm
Large 8 x 11 x 9cm
Simulation resin ornament to enhance your terrarium or aquarium.
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Nomo resin Mummy NS-93

SIZE:12.3 x 4.5
Simulation resin ornament to enhance your terrarium or aquarium.
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ND23 UVB Compact Lamp

Using uvb transmission quartz glass conducive to uvb wavelength penetration.
Low power, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Energy saving reptile uvb lamp has 2.0, 5.0 and 10.0 options.
2.0 is suitable for geckos and snakes, 5.0 is suitable for rain forest reptiles living in subtropical regions, 10.0 is suitable for desert reptiles in tropics.
Daily exposure 4-6 hours, contribute to the synthesis of vitamin D3 and calcium combined to promote the healthy growth of bone and prevent bone metabolism.
R 279.90

NP Simulation Plant-31

Stable resin base, imitation stone texture.
Selection of quality materials with realistic effect.
Clear texture, obvious context, bright colors.
Using high-quality plastic and resin materials, creating a variety of realistic simulation plant. It can be used for pet groceries and home furnishings.
R 79.90

Coloer Aquascape 900ml Landscape Polyurethane Foam Adhesives Grey

Bonds with rock, stone, wood and most aquarium and pond materials
comes with two color grey and brown that blends into shadows
Won’t discolor like conventional foam – no painting needed
Expands to fill gaps and voids
Easier and less expensive than mortar
Superior adhesion
Fills holes in trees to seal out pests
Use as a craft foam for artificial plants
R 192.90