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Nomoy Pet Reptile Corn Cob 500g

Ideal for bearded dragons or leopard geckos
~The corn cob has a strong odor absorption ability & can be mixed with wood chips and moss
~Made from a sustainable resource
~Perfect for a desert or arid vivarium
~Particles are relatively uniform, easy to clean & not agglomerated, pets can be used with confidence
~Sustainable and nice looking reptile substrate
SKU: NC-05
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Rock Spider Bowls - 3 Sizes

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Spider Bowl 5cm x 1.5cm

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Pawise Exercise Ball Let you pet walk through your house safely. With this exercise ball your pet will get more movement which will improve its health. Once the ball has been put together, it is easy to open with the coloured sides. For example, it is not necessary to repeatedly put the ball together again, but you can easily remove and replace the lid. This hamster ball / exercise ball is ideal for rats and small rodents such as hamsters.
Small Ball ideal for Dwarf Hamsters & Mice
Medium Ball ideal for Teddy Bear Hamsters
Large Ball ideal for Rats