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Super Fish Non Return Valve 2pc

2 pack
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Aquarium Silicon Tube white/pink/black yellow/green/blue

Aquarium air pump tube, length 5m, easy to cut to your required length and meet your basic needs.
Standard outlets 4 / 6mm fit most kinds of air pumps, check valves, filtration system, air stones, air flow control levers, and aquarium ornaments.
Made of high-quality silicone materials, durable and non-toxic, won’t affect water quality, and provides a healthy and safe water environment.
Dazzling colors can bring different vision to your aquarium, especially at night with lighting, more attractive scenery of the aquarium.
Ideal tube for modern aquariums, fish tanks, pond, indoor garden and hydroponics.
R 32.90

Air Pump Spares

Here is the spare parts for your air pumps, to replace the parts needed to get your pump in working order again.
R 39.90


A density meter ( hydrometer ) for easy measurement of specific gravity of seawater aquaria. In reef systems , the specific gravity can be adjusted between 1,022 and 1,025
R 65.90