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NP - Frosted Heat Lamp (ON Special)

25W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 75W, 100W optional, to meet different temperature requirements.
Aluminum alloy lamp holder, more durable.
The bulb inside the frosted treatment, do not hurt the reptile’s eyes.
Alternate with night lights to keep reptile warm through the winter.
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Ceramic Lamp Holders Single

For use of any light or heat lamp up to 150W
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Lucky Herp UVB 10.0 T8 Fluorescent Lamp

1. Ideal for all desert dwelling reptiles;
2. High UVB and UVA output;
3. No harmful UVC output;
4. Very high D3 conversion;
5. Provide necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism;
6. Combine with natural light or reptile vision for optimal visual light output.
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NP Mini Ceramic Heat Emitter

Heat Lamp for reptiles and other animals
No light emitted only heat
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R 94.90


- Simulates natural moonlight source
- The best selection of induce night activities of reptile pet
- The best heat source to induce night activities of reptile pets.
- Necessary product for pets active at night
R 104.90