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NP Heat Lamp Protector

Lampshade surface sprayed plastic, surface will not be too hot to burn pets.
Mesh cover is reserved for line holes, easy to use.
The opening is fixed with small spring, which is convenient and beautiful.
metal tube prevents your reptile bite the wire and get hurt even death.
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NP Mini Ceramic Heat Emitter

Heat Lamp for reptiles and other animals
No light emitted only heat
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Beware Ball Python Sign 1

Vinyl warning sign.
Outdoor or indoor use.
Size: 21cm x 14.5cm
د.إ.‏ 13.08

Escape Proof Feeder

With a smooth surface design, with the escape-proof frame to prevent pollution of water quality and environment after live food death.
The transparent design allows reptiles to observe the insects moving in the feeder and arouse the idea of predation.
د.إ.‏ 13.08

Digital Thermo- Hygrometer (Giangarden)

This device can display both temperature and humidity at the same time
Can Switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius
The Bracket can be installed on the left or right according to your need
Measuring range: -20C to60C & 10% to 99%
Sampling interval: 10 seconds
Accuracy: +/- 1C and +/- 15%
د.إ.‏ 48.47