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NP LED - Calcium Light 10.0

Silver UVB 5.0 Black UVB10.0 optional,
to meet different requirements.
UVA light stimulates appetite, UVB light accelerates vitamin synthesis,
fully absorbs calcium and contributes to bone growth.
It is equipped with heat dissipation hole to prevent people and pets from being scalded, reduce bulb loss and extend service life
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د.إ.‏ 90.41

The lamp can provide heat to help pet digest and enhance vitality. Energy-saving turtle back basking light, soft light is not dazzling eyes. Concave and convex mirror design, enhance the use of light. Aluminum alloy material, lightweight and anti-impact. LED energy-saving lamp bead, energy saving and environmental protection. Widely applicable to snakes, turtles, frogs and so on.

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