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NP Reptile Terrarium Heater Adjustable Heat Mat

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SKU: NR-01
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5 sizes are available for use with boxes of different sizes.
Grid structure, heat uniformity.
Equipped with adjustment switch, adjust the temperatureaccording to the need.
Description This heating mat is made of carbon fiber and silica gel, the temperature can be directly adjusted at 0-35 degrees Celsius. Can be placed in the box or small turtle bottom of the heating, can not direct access to water. Can be used with a reflective film to reduce heat loss.
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Bark Nuggets

100% Natural fir bark
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NP Double disc wet thermometer

Size: 15.5 x 7.5 x 1.5cm
Reserve suspension hole for fast installation.
Dual dials, read number clearly.
No batteries, all by mechanical sensing.
This dual dials hygrometer and thermometer is easy to read. Can be placed in the breeding box, can also be hanging on the wall, do not occupy the activity space of reptiles.
Mechanical induction, do not need batteries, give reptiles a quiet living environment.