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Ocean Max Plant Soil - 8Kg

AQUARIUM PLANT SOIL 1-2mm or Shrimp Soil
Keeps water acidic
Aquarium plant soil 1-2mm refers to a fine-grained substrate specifically designed to promote the growth and health of aquatic plants in your aquarium
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  • Ideal for plant rooting: The small particle size (1-2mm) provides a perfect surface area for delicate plant roots to anchor and spread, promoting healthy growth and stability.
  • Nutrient retention: Some plant soils are enriched with essential nutrients like iron, nitrogen, and potassium, readily available to plants for optimal health and vibrant colors.
  • Natural aesthetics: Many plant soils come in natural colors like black or brown, creating a more natural and aesthetically pleasing aquarium bottom compared to gravel.
  • Reduced water clouding: Compared to larger substrates, the finer grains are less likely to be disturbed by fish activity, resulting in clearer water.


  • Difficult for bottom-feeders: The small size can pose a risk for bottom-feeding fish accidentally ingesting the substrate, potentially leading to digestive issues.
  • Debris trapping: Small gaps between particles can trap food waste and debris, requiring more frequent cleaning and siphon maintenance.
  • Potential nutrient depletion: Over time, nutrients in enriched soils can deplete, requiring additional fertilization for healthy plant growth.
  • Not suitable for all plants: Some root feeders prefer coarser substrates for better anchorage. Research your specific plant needs before choosing.

Important factors to consider:

  • Plant types: Different plant species have varying root structures and nutrient requirements. Match the soil type to your specific plants.
  • Tank size and inhabitants: Choose the appropriate amount of soil based on your tank size and ensure compatibility with other tank inhabitants.
  • Aquarium maintenance: Be prepared for more frequent cleaning due to potential debris trapping.
  • Water parameters: Some plant soils can affect water hardness and pH. Monitor these parameters closely after adding the substrate.
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Add 1 tablet for each 30 square inches of gravel surfaces. Push midway into gravel bed.
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Feed plants once a month until the water temperature reaches 70⁰F, then feed twice a month. Stop using Aquatic plant food tablets when the water temperature drops below 60⁰F.
Use one tablet for every gallon of soil. Push the tablet into the plant soil, 3 inches from the crown of the plant and 3 to 6 inches deep into the soil.
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