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A unique shape with a solid outer shell and base
Fully reversible
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Cats like to scratch furniture, and it can be so frustrating! It is important to understand why our cats like to scratch things. Cats come into this world with their natural instinct which is to scratch and here is why:

Cats have a specific scent on their little paws so when they scratch an object, they are marking their territory. Cats also scratch as it is a self-grooming technique which removes the outer layer of their nails. When cats scratch an object they are stretching their bodies, this releases hormones that make them feel amazing, and it’s also super beneficial for their health. Scratching is also a huge stress-reliever.

If you don’t want your furbaby to ruin your furniture, this Cat Scratcher will be the purrrfect solution to your problem. This cat scratcher is made from corrugated paper and is recyclable. Your furry friend will enjoy it so much because it will fulfil their scratching needs. You will receive lots of thank yous from your beloved friend.