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Perlite - Egg Medium

Premium Grade Expanded Perlite
Professionals and hobbyists alike know that the perfect incubation substrate is one of the keys to a successful hatch rate. Perlite is a sterile medium that will retain water and maintain humidity in the incubator. It is a 100% natural, super light, absorbent material that resists moulding and provides good airflow.
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R 29.90
  • 100% Natural Sterile and ph balanced
  • Holds moisture
  • Extremely pourous
  • Coarse ground for maximum surface area to mass ratio
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Our new gecko diet formula with the delicious taste of Organic Fig and insects. This Banana free formula has a strong Fig smell and flavor to entice your picky geckos to really chow down.
The absence of bananas is perfect for geckos that don't seem to really like banana flavor foods. By using other base fruits we were able to incorporate fig into the diet while still maintaining very low levels of Oxalic acid. We have incorporated crickets and black soldier fly larvae as the main source of protein.
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Transparent Plastic Box (Medium) 26 x 17.5 x 11.5 cm

For transport, breeding and feeding reptiles and amphibians.
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