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Pet Bird / Small Animal Hanging Hammock

Fleece hanging hammock for birds and small animals like hamsters and mice.
Available in 3 colours:
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  • 100% Brand New and High quality.

  • Hang easily and portablely using a double hook.

  • Thick plush fabric provides a good place for birds.

  • This nest provides a warm and comfortable cabin for your cute parrot or bird.

  • Your bird will snuggle this soft wool tent with squid to keep warm in winter.

  • Soft and comfortable toys and sleep tests can alleviate the stress of birds and provide them with a sense of security.

  • Suitable for Budgies Parakeet Parrot Lovebird Finch and other small birds for Cockatoo Conure Macaw African Grey Parrot and other medium sized large birds.


  • Type: Pet Birds Parrot Nest.

  • Material: Plush.

  • Size: 17x12x13cm.