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What Makes PLEYSIER Different

You cannot compare a box with a fan, heater and thermostat with PLEYSIER's products. PLEYSIER produces quality products. We use 18mm, 7ply plywood resin coated for the box, this means it is water-proofed and sealed (not a lick of polyurethane and novadye outside).

We have a unique domed or inverted channelled air flow, the air flow is directed up or down and is evenly dispersed, heating all eggs evenly throughout the incubator thus no hot or cold spots; all eggs will hatch at the right time.

We use black heat elements, this means they do not glow red hot to burn your machine supplies with a slow correct heat when needed, thus no overshoot. Digital thermal controllers control accurate heat to 0.1 degrees, sampling every 6 seconds, as opposed to an old radio volume type controller that overshoots and is undercompensated; we have an almost constant temperature variation line.

Solid state switching: This means there are no moving parts, like relays switching heat on & off, no radio / TV interference, only TOTAL RELIABILITY with millions of guaranteed switchings. Humidity can be controled with altered air intake or digitally controlled evaporation. Both ways work perfectly - tried & tested.

Turning: Either tilting or rolling powered by overdesigned geared down synchronous Italian motors. The tilting delay is now fixed at 30 minutes & programmable prior to dispatch for ostrich egg rolling, etc. Turning on our unique creepcrawl method with 6 seconds ON & 45 minutes OFF, alows you to incubate large & small eggs simultaneously.

All electronic circuits are boxed separately, away from high humidity during hatching with no moisture contamination. All circuits are designed for Africa's rough conditions and long distances. Our incubators are made to last (not just lifetime engineering for 2 years), we will repair PLEYSIER incubators even after 10 years (you will not be told to buy a new machine).

Used PLEYSIER incubators for sale are very rare, infact unobtainable.


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CF3 - Chicken Factory 3 - COMBO

20,000 Chicks Monthly on a 6 day cycle. Includes: 6x 2000 Setters 2x 2000 Hatchers
R 150 000,00