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Pond Medic - ALGAE STRAW

Algae-Straw is a natural product and is safe to use with all forms of aquatic life.
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Algae-Straw is allowed to break down in your pond, natural micro organisms and chemicals are produced which inhibit the growth of algae and blanket weed.


Algae-Straw’s structural composition gives maximum surface area = water/oxygen penetration and therefore allows the best distribution of natural chemical/micro organisms.

Algae-Straw will take between 2 and 4 weeks to become active, depending on water temperature. Once active, it will work for a period of up to 3 months, after this point the pad must be removed.

For continued effectiveness, keep straw in pond throughout the year. For larger ponds, place several straw bundles in different locations. Do not use algicides
with straw present. In these instances, remove straw to a bucket of  untreated pond water. Leave at least 2 weeks before reintroducing.

DO NOT allow the Algae-Straw to sink to the bottom of the pond or totally decompose as it may pollute the water.






1. Calculate the gross capacity of your pond in litres by using the average LxWxD in centimetres and dividing by 1000. For lmp. gals. use inches and divide by 276.
2. Each 50g straw bundle treats up to 4,500 litres, 1,000 lmp. gals., use a sufficient number of straw bundles to treat your pond.
3. Algae-Straw contains a unique buoyancy aid and should be floated in an area where water freely circulates and there is a high saturation of oxygen. Examples of this area are near a fountain or waterfall. This will guarantee maximum bacterial efficiency and chemical distribution.
4. Anchor the mat in the desired area.
5. Algae-Straw is an algistat which prevents algae from growing initially. Straw bundles should be replaced every 3 months and continually throughout the year.
6. It is best to add straw in spring before algae blooms.
7. It is advised to only introduce the straw after major algae blooms has been brought under control by a more direct treatment like Pond Medic Algae Clear or Pond Medic Algae Ban.
8. Introduce a new straw bundle to the pond 2-4 weeks before removing the old one. This will allow the new one to activated before the old one has been removed.

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