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Pond Water Care

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Tetrapond Algofin

Tetra Pond AlgoFin For the effective and safe destruction of stubborn thread algae and other algae in the garden pond.

Tetrapond Algorem

Tetra Pond AlgoRem  Tetra Pond AlgoRem - acts quickly and specifically against green water (floating algae)

Tetrapond Medifin

Tetra Pond MediFin Universal medicine for all pond fish.

Barley Straw Extract (controls algae)

An environmentally responsible, cost-efficient pond conditioner that is a clean & easy, natural & organic approach to a healthy pond environment.
A Liquid Extract of Barley Straw Especially Helpful Where Bottom Drains Are Present

Koi Life - Algae Control

Non-harmful to fish and aquatic plants when used as directed.
Alternative to harsh chemicals – Chlorine, copper and phosphate-free.
Begins working on contact, killing algae fast; results in 24 to 48 hours.
Immediately begins fighting algae blooms, releasing vital oxygen into the water body as it biodegrades.

Koi Life - Bio Boost

The ideal water clarifier and water conditioner for all ponds.
Contains beneficial bacteria
Reduces ammonia
Increases filter activity
Removes discolouration
Removes chlorine
Breaks down waste.

Pond Medic - Broad Spectrum

(Potassium Permanganate)
200ml PM0133/500ml PM0134
BROAD SPECTRUM medication is used when fish are suffering from ulcers, flicking or scraping against objects or if they have visible crustacean parasites on them.
This medication will also temporarily clear green water.


ALGAE CLEAR controls most types of algae in fishponds and prevents them from reappearing.
This medication contains no copper or heavy metals and will not affect pond plants or fish when used as directed.

Pond Medic - Parasite Clear

(Methylene Blue)
200ml PM0136/500ml PM0137
PARASITE CLEAR is effective against most protozoan parasites (Costia,Trichodina, Chilodonella, Crytobia, Tryppanosoma and lchthyoptirius) affecting mostly Koi, Goldfish and Live-bearers.
PARASITE CLEAR treats fungal infections on fish and protects fish spawns against fungal attack.
Treatment is also effective in eradicating the Camallanus roundworm from the intestines. This medication also protects fish against infection during transport and handling.