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New Split Turtle Tank 34.5x27.4x25.2cm

Self-contained drain holes for easy cleaning
Water and land combination, increase the balcony and climbing, to facilitate the turtle activities.
Set the wire hole to place the filter.
Size(Approx.): 34.5x27.4x25.2cm
Basking platform Height: 6cm; Max. Water level: 8cm
R 599,90

Plastic Reptile Terrarium S-04 48 x 32 x 27cm

The front side of the acrylic band has ventilation holes, forming air convection with the top of the air hole.
The top is equipped with anti-hot breathable net cover, heating more secure.
The window has a knob to prevent the pet from escaping.
Sun Terrace can be free to match, can play into the water box or climbing pet box.
Light box, easy handling.
R 999,90

Transparent Plastic Display Box H8 (24 x 16.5 x 10.5cm)

For transport, breeding and feeding reptiles and amphibians.
Ideal for storing live food and as a temporary quarantine zone.
Lid opens in 2 parts, made from high quality plastic and easy to clean.
Transparent plastic box only, other accessories in demo photos not included!
R 110,90