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Pumpkin Hideout

Size(inch):Pumpkin 7*7*3.3(L*W*H), Hole: 2.7*1.8 inch(L*W).
Size(inch):Walnut 7.5*4.3*4.7(L*W*H), Hole: 2.2*2 and 1.8*1.4(L*W).
Hideout Box suitable for Larvae Snakes, Small lizards, Spider,Insect,and other Reptiles, Amphibians,etc.
Multipurpose Hut - It provides your Reptile with a home, a hangout, a playground, a hideaway and a spawning ground - all in one.
Maximum Privacy - Pumpkin and Walnut Design Fosters a Greater Sense of Privacy and Security, comfort and enjoyment,
Making Reptile more Confident, Better Rested and Therefore more likely to breed.
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