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PVC Reptile Terrarium

PVC Terrarium does not include décor, images for illustration purpose only
Terrarium does include the following:
PVC water proof
3 x Ceramic Lamp Holders Single
3 x Switch
1 x STC-1000 Thermostat
1 x thermometer
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Thanks to the patented technology of foamed PVC, Plastic Reptile Cages are:<BR>
Waterproof - Can be washed with a pressure washer
Elegant, suitable for modern interiors
Very durable (we conducted impact tests and the terrarium did not give up)
At the same time, it is very light - which allows them to be placed in shelves - (one on top of the other) and facilitates cleaning.

Even a child can clean them without any problems.
Sterile. Our terrariums are used in veterinary medicine because they do not absorb moisture or unpleasant odors. Thanks to this, the animals are healthier.

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