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RANCHU Red & White +/- 12CM

Images shown are stock images and not of the actual fish.
Variance in colour and pattern is expected due to the nature of the breed / species.
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Origin: Goldfish are one of the most colorful and most popular aquarium fish. Their ancestors originally lived in East Asia, but Goldfish are now found living in aquariums throughout most of the world. There are many color varieties for sale in this store.

Maximum Size: In aquariums, Goldfish can grow to be about 8" long, including their tails. Sometimes very old Goldfish are even bigger. Sometimes much bigger.

Behaviors: Most Goldfish are active swimmers but are rarely too aggressive.

Compatibility: Some recommended tank mates include, other varieties of Goldfish. 

Temperature: Goldfish can live pretty well from about 60 to 75 degrees F., but they're probably most comfortable from about 68 to 72 degrees F.