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1. Convenient Design -Plug and play, easy to use
2. Support reading with Centigrade or Fahrenheit unit
3. 2 different timer mode
· C/W: work seconds every hour · Multi: set 4 timer period
4. Be able to connect with heating and timer equipment at the same time
5. On/Off heating temperature control
6. Easy-to-read full-view LCD Display panel with 24 hours time system
7. Alarm flashes and sounds when temperature reaches extreme high or low levels
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UR - COCO Husk Bedding

100% natural substrate
Ideal for natural terrarium set-ups
Increases humidity in terrariums


Pet Bedding is a 100% environmentally friendly natural product. It is made from kenaf natural plant. Ideal for all pets like Horses, Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds, Reptiles such as Iguanas, Snakes, Tortoises, Skinks and all other exotic pet mammals.