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- Simulates natural moonlight source
- The best selection of induce night activities of reptile pet
- The best heat source to induce night activities of reptile pets.
- Necessary product for pets active at night
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Moonlight heat lamps E27 Screw in Simulates Natural Moonlight Provides tropical night time temperatures Stimulates breeding behavior in reptiles and amphibians Perfect for nocturnal viewing

The design of REPTIZOO “night heating” reptile lamp does not produce a UVA light source, it simulates the natural moonlight and provides the day and night cycles without interference to the animal.

REPTI ZOO Reptile Night Heating light does not contain UVA light source, which does not influence the reptile’s rest and provides a normal day and night environment and the circadian rhythm for reptiles, but adds the benefit of heating.

Tips: If a UVA heating lamp is used during the day and night, it will cause an endocrine disorder and laziness in reptiles.

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