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Set of 6pcs stainless steel snake sexing probes speculum The snake sex detecting probe kit includes:
2*1mm Diameter Probe
1*1.5mm Diameter Probe
1*2mm Diameter Probe
1*3mm Diameter Probe
1*5mm Diameter Probe
This snake probe kit help you detect the sex of snakes. These probes are used for sexing reptiles and especially snakes. This method usually supplies accurate results,It is also the best way to sex the animals .
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How to use it ?

Probing a snake involves inserting a thin metal rod (called a snake probe) into the vent (cloacal opening) of the snake while they are awake. For the males, the length of the inserted probe will be 9-15 pieces of abdominal flake; for the females, it will be 3 pieces of abdominal flake.