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Quiet when pump is submerged
Circulates water for Chameleons and Crested Geckos and provides beneficial humidity to the habitat
Leafy backdrop mimics the natural environment
Replaceable carbon pads filter and purify the water
Energy efficient operation and a 800ml water storage provides 5-7 days of water
SKU: RDF7001
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Reptile Drinking Fountain and Humidifier is made from safe and durable ABS plastic making it easy to clean. It has a quiet design when the pump is submerged, and the flowrate can be adjusted.

The fountain provides water for Chameleons and Crested Geckos, plus the fountain adds beneficial humidity to the habitat. Replaceable carbon pads filter and purify the water.

A leafy backdrop mimics the natural environment of the reptile and provides pleasant aesthetics. The fountain is energy efficient and the 800ml water storage/reservoir provides 5-7 days of water for your pet.

A suction cup can be mounted on the back allowing the fountain to be placed anywhere! Size of the fountain: 260 x 100 x 100mm (10" x 4" x 4")

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Features & Benefits:
Reproduces UVA and UVB spectra found in sunlight
Assists in the natural production of Vitamin D3
Promotes feeding, breeding and healthy growth rates
Designed for use 300 - 350mm from basking point
Suitable for sun-loving, desert species and tortoises
Available in 15W, 18W, 30W & 36W
Suitable For: Reptiles