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Made of premium leather material, non-toxic and odorless, skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable for your pets Black color, cool and fashionable, not easy to get dirty
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- Black Wings Leash: Classic cool black wing bearded dragon harness leash set, let your bearded dragon unique in the crowd, enjoy a good time outside.
- 3 Sizes in One Pack: 3 different harness clip allows the bearded dragon harness suitable for baby, juvenile or adult beardie. Long time to use for your lizard.
- Soft Material: Made of PU leather, it's soft and comfortable. This wings leash set is skin-friendly, soft and lightweight.
- Adjustable Rope: With a adjust clip on the rope, you could tighten the reptile harness enough to be snug according to the shape of your reptiles.
- Widely Range of Applications: the leather leash and leather harness are suitable for most reptiles or amphibians, such as bearded dragons, lizards, geckos, chameleons, iguanas, and tortoises. There are also some other small animals, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets, and so on.

- Material: PU Leather
- Wings Size: 18*4.5cm
- Color: Black+Silver

- Size may be a little deviation due to manual measurement.
- The color will be slightly different due to the lighting.

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Turkistan roach (Blatta lateralis )

Turkestan cockroaches are sometimes kept to feed to pet reptiles and other insectivores, chosen partly because they can't climb smooth surfaces and don't burrow. Cockroaches have been replacing crickets, the most popular feeder insect for decades, due to the cricket's noise, odor, short lifespan, and expense. Turkestan cockroaches are a popular choice of species, and are readily available.

Grey Crickets ( Acheta Domestica) ((SPECIAL ONLINE PRICES))

Crickets (Acheta domesticus) are insects with distant relations to the grasshopper, and are found almost all over the world! Crickets can range in size, and we offer 5 sizes from pin heads to adults.
These insects are an excellent source of protein and are very easily “gut-loaded” with calcium and other important vitamins for your pets, just check out our cricket analysis:
Please note Pin Head bulk, XSML Bulk and SML Bulk is packed in smaller 2L containers however still in bulk quantities inside.

NP New adjustable long lamp holder

Adjustable lamp holder is suitable for different lengths of light bulbs.
The lamp can be rotated 360 degrees at will.
A ventilator behind the lamp can cool fast.
Stainless steel rods can be bent at random.
Independent control switch, safe and convenient.

Astro Turf (STD Sizes)

Reasons why fake grass works well in a vivarium:
Many reptiles like its strong green colour
Vivarium grass is easy to clean – unlike traditional carpeting (a popular alternative); a clean vivarium is important for the health of the reptile
Fake grass does not need replacing often – unlike newspaper (another popular alternative)
When you do need to replace the lining, it should not be often and will not expensive as there is only a small area involved
A quality fake grass product with a dense weave will be suitable for lining not just the vivariums floor but also the walls and back of it – areas where some reptiles like to climb and which will need to withstand their weight when climbing.