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Reptile Humidity Hide Box

Size: 6.68" x 4.32" x 2.75" (sink size: 4.32" x 2.36", sink depth: 0.59", filled with water depth: 0.24").
Removable water tank and the top of the hollow design, increasing the humidity inside the cave.
You can install the sink in the opposite direction, to form a flat, add water to maintain proper humidity.
Advanced plastic materials, delicate texture, matte surface, no impurities coarse pottery sink, moisturizers, helps peeling.
Add the appropriate water for gecko category, snakes and amphibians drink. Water will be slowly absorbed within 24-48 hours and slowly release moisture.
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Product description


Material: Plastic & Ceramic Craft
Size: 6.68x4.32x2.75inch / 17x11x7cm
Sink size: 4.32x2.36inch / 11x6cm
Sink depth: 0.59inch / 1.5cm
Filled with water depth: 0.24inch / 0.6cm
Hole: (WxH) 1.97x1.18inch / 5x3cm


A more reasonable size, perfect design, suitable for the use of large boxes.
Reptile hideaway cave humidification and peeling drinking water multi function.
It works great for a cool spot to hang out and hide as well as help with humidity in the tank.
Plastic reptile hide is a great way to give your reptile a secure hiding area to provide the animal with a sense of security.

Package Includes: 1 x Reptile Humidity Hideout Box

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