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The new innovative Heated Hide Rock is the ideal accessory for any vivarium!
It is the perfect under body heat source when your reptile is sitting on top of the rock and it also provides atmospheric warmth when hiding inside the rock.
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During those cold winter nights, your reptiles will simply LOVE hiding inside this warm bedroom! The elevated height of the rock also acts as the perfect basking spot during the day for your reptiles.

The natural sand coating on the rock makes it look so real that your reptiles will be none the wiser and think its just a natural piece of warm rock!


Small 140W x 100D x 45mmH 12V/1W

Medium 180W x 140D x 84mmH 12V/1W

Large 250W x 200D x 150mmH 12V/5W

Features and Benefits

  • Natural real sand coating
  • Provides look of realistic natural rock formation
  • Secure hiding place that is heated for warmth
  • Provides elevated basking spot in vivarium
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Energy saving
  • Offers shaded hide cave
  • Safety of Low Voltage
  • Suitable for: Snakes, Dragons, Monitors, Geckos, Skinks