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Pellet Foods

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Ideal For Most Aquatic Turtles A Scientifically Formulated Daily Diet For Aquatic Turtles Offering A Tasty Nutrient Mix Turtles Love
R 115,49

sera Raffy I

sera Raffy I is the delicacy consisting of natural, gently dried Gammarus (87%), small fish and Krill for terrapins and other (occasionally) carnivorous smaller reptiles and amphibians.
The blend, which represents the natural food spectrum, is rich in optimally digestible protein, omega fatty acids, valuable carotenoids, minerals and trace elements as well as in ballast substances that regulate digestion.
This attractive snack supports disease resistance, development and liveliness when fed additionally on a regular basis.
R 62,90

sera Raffy Vital

Tasty herbal variety for herbivorous reptiles
sera Raffy Vital is the staple food consisting of carefully manufactured sticks and herb tablets for tortoises and all other herbivorous reptiles.
The blend with many herbs, algae and vegetables is excellently accepted. Their balanced composition close to nature is rich in ballast substances, vitamins and minerals. The - in suitable small amounts - also included high quality proteins and omega fatty acids are optimal additions.
Disease resistance, liveliness as well as healthy bone and shell growth are supported.
R 108,90

sera Raffy P 700g <<SOLD OUT>>

The balanced basis for terrapins
sera Raffy P is the staple food consisting of carefully processed floating granules for carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins.
The balanced, tasty composition with animal and also required herbal ingredients is characterized by optimally utilizable protein, easily digestible carbohydrates and a high percentage of omega fatty acids.
The basic requirements of carnivorous reptiles are safely covered. Their healthy development and liveliness is supported.
R 59,90


sera Raffy Mineral is the supplementary food consisting of carefully processed floating granules for carnivorous reptiles such as terrapins.
The floating sticks contain plenty of essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements. They therefore help preventing deficiencies that can frequently occur when feeding certain fresh foods.
The development, especially healthy bone and shell growth, as well as liveliness and disease resistance, are supported.
R 249,90

Delights - Iguana 1kg

Delights for Iguanas
Available in adult and juvenile, this diet is especially formulated to supply a balanced healthy diet to these vegetarians.
Highly palatable, feed a 50:50 mix of moist pellets and vegetables.
Remember to feed in the morning to ensure your iguana has time during the day to increase their body temperature to optimize digestion
R 85,90

Delights - Bearded Dragon 1kg

Delights for Bearded Dragons Available in adult and juvenile pellets, these products consist of carefully selected plant and animal derived ingredients.
This will satisfy the nutritional requirements of your omnivorous beardies.
Feed a 50:50 mix of moist pellets and vegetables, along with live insects twice daily.
Your juveniles can start the adult pellets when they reach around 20cm in length.
R 84,00


Ideal for most Aquatic Turtles.
The highly balanced nutrients and inclusion of the Hikari Germ support intestinal fiora and immune system health.
R 81,90