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1L Trigger Spray Bottle

1L Trigger Spray bottle
Ideal to mist birds for removal of feather dust and a quick bath.
Ideal for misting reptile and amphibian terrariums to increase humidity levels
Ideal for air plants or any exotic plants that requires additional misting.
R 30,00

Bearded Dragons in Captivity (Professional Breeders Series)

Paperback – May 15, 2007
by Allen Repashy (Author)
Provides information on anatomy, selection, housing, diet, breeding, eggs and incubation, caring for young dragons, and health issues of Bearded Dragons. Also discusses Lawson's Dragons and Frilled Dragons in captivity. 76 full-color photographs.
R 165,00

Black Flightless Fruit Fly (D. hydei)

Flightless fruit flies have been genetically altered so that they cannot fly, so you don't need to worry about escaped flies buzzing around your head or about your pet's inability to catch flying flies. They are completely flightless and harmless.
R 80,00

Blue-Tongued Skinks: Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity (Herpetology series)

Paperback – August 1, 1996
by Jerry G. Walls (Author)
R 175,00

Boas & Pythons and Other Friendly Snakes

Hardcover – September 1, 1992
by John Coborn (Author)
R 380,00