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RGM-UV Series UVB Meter

This meter is a compact handheld radiometer, Uses imported UV photosensitive devices, Comes with an integrated UVC filter, Has good cutoff characteristics.
The instrument has an LCD that can display the value of UVC irradiance.
When the lamp's output drops to 70% of original readings, please replace it.
Simply press and hold the push-button switch on the face of the unit.
Aim the sensor window in the top panel of the meter directly at the UV source. Note reading on LCD and record if desired.
To get more accurate data, please take several tests at the same distance and averaging.
Using high-precision digital AD, display accuracy is stable and accurate.
Imported sensor, no stray light effect, Probe material, UV glass.
Widely used for daily UV testing of all types of reptile lamps, Effectively help you choose the best angle and distance of your own bulb.
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Before measuring the UV lamp, be sure to take the necessary protective measures and wear UV protection glasses.

Please preheat the UV lamp for at least 5 minutes.

In order to improve the accuracy of measurement data, multiple measurements can be used to reduce the error.

Please keep the sensor clean.


For cleaning, wipe with alcohol and cotton yarn. Do not use sharp objects to clean the sensor to prevent damage to the front filter.


Operation guide

lign the sensor probe above the irradiance meter with the UV light source and press the front button to read the light intensity value on the LCD screen. Make a note of the distance between the point and the UV light source. After a long time of multiple measurements, the attenuation process of the UV light source can be obtained. After the light intensity is attenuated to about 70%, the UV light source is replaced to ensure the irradiation intensity.

This product is powered by 3V DC. Two AA batteries are included with the irradiator. If it is not used for a long time, please take out the battery to avoid leakage damage to the irradiator.


Product parameters

Response spectrum 280-320nm
Peak spectrum λp=300nm
Measurement interval 0-1999μW/cm2
Resolution 1μW/cm2
Response time T≤0.5s
Measurement accuracy ±10%
Built-in power supply DC3V
Operating power consumption ≤ 0.25W
Weight (with battery) 125g
Product size 135×70×24 (mm)
Screen size 2 inches
Probe material UV glass
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