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Rid All Anti Ick 120ml

120ml for 600 litres of water RID-ALL ANTI-ICH is the latest development of aquarium pharmaceuticals in the treatment of “white spot” in aquarium fishes.
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Active Ingredients: Methylene Blue B.P.C. WITH Acid Oxalate of ANHYDRODI

( p-Dimenthylamino  triphenylmethanol: ratio 13:1

Directions: Upon defection of lch, use 5ml of Rid-All ANTI- LCH  to 25 litres of water. For Tetra Species, Mormyrids, Loaches and baby fishes, use 5ml to 50 litres of water. Continue treatment for 2 days or until fish recovers for persistent causes. Rid- ALL ANTI- LCH solution can be directly applied onto the affected area To sterilize fish tank, use 5 ml to 10 litres of water and soak for 5-6 hrs.

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