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Rid All Black Water 120ml

Rid All Black Water may be a scientifically ready extract of peat, tropical roots, designated bark and wood, which contain essential trace parts, vitamins, hormones and soil acids to enrich storage tank water. It creates a natural setting just like that of some area of the river. Induces spawning for many water fishes like Discus, Angelfish, Tetras, Barbs, Gourami, etc.
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Normal Dosage: 5ml to twenty five Litres. Use every 2 weeks or every water modification. In areas of hard water, use double the indefinite quantity.

  • Is a scientifically prepared water soluble extract of Canadian peat, tropical roots, selected bark, wood and leaves, which contain essential trace elements, vitamins, hormones and humic acids to enrich aquarium water.
  • It creates a natural environment similar to that of the lakes in the tropical rainforest and some area of the Amazon River.
  • Induces spawning for most softwater and acid loving fishes such as the Discus, Angelfish, tetras, barbsand gourami etc.
  • DIRECTIONS: Normal Dosage: 5 ml. To 25 litres of water. Use weekly to induce spawning.To maintain natural water environment and more radiant colour in aquariumfishes, use every two weeks and after every water change. In areas of hardwater, use double the dosage.
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