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Rid All Copper Aid 120ml

New chelated copper remedy formulated to treat skin & gill protozoan and fluke infections, crytocaryon irritant (ich), Oodinium, velvet in both freshwater and marine fishes.
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  • Is the new chelated copper remedy formulated for use in marine and freshwater aquariums.
  • It is a proven remedy for treating skin and gill protozoan, fluke infections,cryptocarbon irritant (ICH), and Amyloonium Ocellatum (velvet) in freshwaterand marine fishes.
  • Ich parasites appear as white spots on the eye, gills, fins and body whilevelvet parasite appears as a layer of yellow dots.
  • Fish infected with either of these diseases may scratch themselves on therocks and gravels.
  • CAUTION: NOT SUITABLE to use Copper Aid in the presence of invertebrates, plants,reef algae, corals in marine water, and true sharks in fresh water and biologicalfilters.
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