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Rid All General Aid 120ml

Rid-All Water Clear eliminates cloudy water caused by dirt, protoctist and microorganism blooms. Water-clear can coagulate particles which will be removed by traditional filtering.
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This is a famous standard preparation used as a cure and more as a general prevention of most fish diseases commonly faced by the aquarium trade. It is widely used in fish farms and hatcheries all over the world; and by exporters of aquarium fishes to cut down on mortality rates during transit.

Unlike most Acriflavine-based products "RID-ALL" General Aid will not cause the lethal egg binding in most aquarium fish.


For early dection of ich, mouth and body fungi, fin and tail rot, torn fins, and sore spots: add 5 ml. with one teaspoonful of salt to 5 litres of aquarium water. Especially useful if you keep CLown Loaches. If there is no improvement after 2 days, repeat treatment using 10 ml.

For most GOLDFISH diseases such as red spots and bleeding veins on fins, constipation, bladder problems, lack of appetite, use 5 ml to 10 litres of water plus one teaspoonful of salt. (Add salt only if you have not been using salt. Please refer to our FAQ and TIPs section for more information).

As a general Tonic and when adding new fishes, or as a prevention of diseases, particularly in baby fishes, use 5 ml. to 25 litres of water weekly.

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