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Rid All Koi and Goldfish Special 120ml

Specially formulated to treat goldfish and kois' common diseases. Like ICH, Velvet, Fungus infections caused by saprolegia spp. such as water musk, mouth fungus, and cotton wool diseases, body injuries, tail & fin rot as well as lack of appetite. Now available in bulk only but available to the hobbyist soon.
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R 154.95
  • Koi and Goldfish Special is fromulated for the treatment of diseases andinfections most commonly known to affect the carps, koi and all types of fancy Goldfish.
  • Their common diseases are ich (ICHTHYOPHTHIRIUS MULTIFILIIS), velvet (OODINIUM), fungus infections caused by SAPROLEGNIA SPP, such aswater musk diseases, mouth fungus and the cotton wool diseases.bodily injuries, tail and fin rot and lack of appetite etc.
  • MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: New victoria green extra o, methylene blue with mixed copper complexes.