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Royal Canin Beagle Adult 12KG

Royal Canin Beagle adult dog food is a great choice to provide your Beagle with the vital nutrients they need to help maintain healthy joints, strong bones and optimal weight.
YES, every Beagle mom, dad, aunt and uncle knows all too well that Beagles gravitate towards the glutton-side of life, and therefore, sadly, have a tendency to gain weight.
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But thanks to this diet’s adapted calorie content and exclusive kibble shapes – the rate of food intake is decreased, thus helping fight the good fight against unnecessary kilograms hitching that free ride.

So do indulge your beautiful Beagle with this breed specific and very tasty diet.

  • Suitable for ADULT BEAGLES > 12 months old
  • Adapted calorie content and special combination of fibres to help maintain ideal weight
  • Exclusive kibble texture, shape and density encourages chewing, helps reduce the rate of food intake to also help support optimal weight and are specifically designed for Beagle breed’s jaw and rate of ingestion
  • Enriched with EPA and DHA to help support healthy bones, joints and yes, weight
  • Royal Canin is known for their exceptional palatability, yummy yum yum
  • 100% money back guarantee – because Royal Canin is THAT confident