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Royal Canin Boxer Adult 12Kg

Royal Canin Boxer adult dog food is a great choice to provide your Boxer with the vital nutrients they need to help maintain healthy muscle mass and cardiac function.
Boxer’s are known to have a predisposition to heart problems, and that is every Boxer-parent’s worst nightmare.
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That’s why this diet is jam-packed with vital nutrients like L-carnitine, Taurine, EPA and DHA, to contribute towards your beloved Boxer’s longevity, vitality and quality of life.

What’s more - this beneficial bag boasts an adapted protein content and exclusive kibbles specially designed for a Boxer’s jaw, to help them easily pick up their food and munch, crunch and chew.

So do indulge your brilliant Boxer with this breed specific and very tasty diet.

  • Suitable for ADULT BOXERS > 15 months old
  • Adapted protein content and added L-carnitine contribute to maintaining muscle mass
  • Exclusive kibble shape is specifically designed for Boxer breed’s brachycephalic jaw to help make it easier to pick and to help encourage them to chew
  • Enriched with Taurine, EPA and DHA to help support healthy cardiac function
  • Antioxidant complex to help neutralize free radicals
  • Royal Canin is known for their exceptional palatability, yummy yum yum
  • 100% money back guarantee – because Royal Canin is THAT confident
  • 12 KG Bag