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Royal Canin Educ Low Calorie Treats

Royal Canin Educ Nutritional Supplement and Training Snacks offer a low-calorie alternative to conventional treats and rewards.
Royal Canin Educ is a dog snack with a special concept that is ideal for training your dog.
The snacks are rich in vitamins but low in calories (<3 kcal/snack).
A special recipe makes them suitable for dogs of all ages, from puppy to senior.
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Royal Canin Educ Training Reward - Low Calorie at a glance:

  • Training reward for dogs
  • Educ combines a limited calorie intake (less than 3 Kcal/unit) and optimal palatability
  • Suitable for puppies from two months and adult dogs
  • Contains reinforced levels of vitamins E and C, nutrients which help support cellular function
  • Perfectly sized kibble, ideal for dogs of all sizes